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Supercoach Champion

Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli

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Kohli is considered as an enterprising batsman, possessing technical abilities and a dynamic playing demeanour. His customarily batting position in ODl cricket is at number three, with a slightly open-chested stance, and a resolute grip on the bottom handle of his bat. He has been noted for his agile footwork, expansive range of strokes, and his propensity for adeptly orchestrating innings whilst thriving in high-pressure situations.

When designing this fantastic product, we have taken into account the man, the king, the legend - number 18. 

Our VK release is limited to a specific number to encourage only serious collectors to participate. 

The product is gold plated with ten stunning zirconias on the face, the crown is highlighted with the highest of quality enamels. 

Secure this VK collectable before they are gone. 

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