Team Rings

Achieving the ultimate success in your chosen discipline is nothing short of exhilarating & when it is achieved in a team environment, it makes it that much sweeter as you get to relive the memories with others for years to come.
Holding the trophy up in that moment of triumph is exactly why we do what we do, however, there is only one trophy.

Capturing team success in the form of a Championship Ring is a great way to individualise every player & coach who drove the team to the ultimate success.
Our process is designed to ensure that every Championship Ring we create is of the highest quality, from start to finish. We employ a meticulous approach to every step of the process, from design to production to delivery. This attention to detail and commitment to excellence is what sets us apart.
Our product is more than just a Championship Ring; it symbolizes achievement and excellence. We take pride in creating Championship Rings that are not only visually stunning but also represent the hard work and dedication of the teams and individuals who earn them.

  • Process

    Please reach out to us directly via our contact us page & our friendly reps will be in contact with you to discuss design options & the meaning you want to be built into your teams Championship Ring.

  • Minimum Order

    In order to provide the best pricing in the market without compromising on quality, all team rings will require a minimum order of 15 rings.

  • Volume Pricing

    Pricing for Team rings is calculated based on order quantity. The starting price for Team Rings is $250 per item.
    The larger the quantity purchased, the lower the overall unit pricing becomes.

  • Why Choose Us

    As a Championship-focused brand, Supercoach Championship Rings is relentlessly committed to designing and crafting superior story-driven products. Our mission is to create and deliver Championship Rings that embody our clients journey & success.


Minimum Order

What is the minimum number of rings required in order to qualify for promotion?

The promotion includes a minimum of 15 rings. If we do not reach 15 rings, then we will need to re-quote based upon the quantity of orders received.


How do I get the players on the team sized?

We are able to send a ring sizer packet to your team upon request. The packet will give you step by steps instructions on how to size your finger. We make this process very easy for you and your team. 


How long does it take for us to get the rings?

Custom team championship rings typically take 10-12 weeks to craft. In some instances they might take a little longer, but that is rare.


When is payment due?

For the rings to start production, the order either needs to be paid in full or 50% deposit. All orders will need to be paid prior to shipping.

How do I make a payment?

Payments can be made via electronic invoice that we will send you.

Adding More Rings

What if players want to order at a later time?

Players can submit an “add on” order at any time after the original order closes. In some circumstances there may be additional charges that apply. They will also be responsible for their own shipping cost. All add-on orders require full payment upfront.

Order Status

How do I check the status of my order?

Each team lead will receive an email with updated status and timeline. Team orders typically take between 10 to 12 weeks from your approval date.

You are always welcome to reach out to our customer care team for a status update by emailing your order number and requesting a status update via our contact us page.

Football Ring Package

Winning a Premiership may be a once in a lifetime moment. Our team has produced custom team rings for thousands of sporting communities all across Australia & New Zealand.

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Girls & Women In Sport Package

Women's sport in Australia is on a fast upward trajectory. We understand the complexities of making the perfect design to compliment all of our clients.

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Soccer Ring Package

Australia's recent Soccer success has driven considerable uptake in the world game.
We have successfully completed numerous custom works for many Soccer championship winning teams.

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Basketball Ring Package

Creating custom championship rings for our basketball clients is definitely a strong suit of ours. We have 10+ years experience making the most sought after league prizes in Australia & New Zealand.

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Cheerleading Package

The emergence of Cheerleading in Australia is growing exponentially with the hard work of AASCF. We have tailored packages to meet all cheerleading competition requirements.

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