Package Insert Advertising

Acquire new customers by having your printed inserts placed in the order fulfillment shipments of our direct-to-consumer brand.

Our reach coupled with our unique demographic profile boasts the largest network available, making it easy to find that perfectly aligned audience.

Why package insert media should be a part of your marketing plan


The brilliant thing about package inserts is that they can be incredibly tailored to your target audience. For example, if you’re selling high-end sports wear, we’ll get your inserts in premium sporting packages.

Low Cost

Insertion fees are 10% the cost of postage, making package inserts an excellent low cost alternative to direct mail. You also have the flexibility to distribute in a wide range of formats: flyers, gift cards, hang tags, catalogs, samples, and more.

Reduced Risk

 We can accommodate small starter orders, allowing you to see the channel’s ROI before you commit more. Our testing philosophy is to do minimal quantities per program, while still maintaining statistical significance. We would rather test more programs than do higher quantities. This way we can scale more quickly.


We offer category exclusivity. We ensure that no competitor inserts will be included alongside yours.


All of our package insert programs combined distribute 200,000+ parcels annually. This number increases by 5%-10% per year as we bring new products into our network.