DJK Designs have 5+ years experience as the market leading producer in the custom ring industry and currently expanding our scope of work to meet the needs of individual clients. 

We have the ability to create the best 3D designs based on your vision. There is no vision we cannot turn into a state of the art 3D design and a viable end product - some of our best work has come from 'doodles' on the back of an envelope. 

Each design will to be tailored to suit your needs. 

The workflow process is as follows:
- Initial concept discussion/design forwarded to our team. 
- Our team will sketch a 2D design to scale.
- 3D modelling. 
- Mould casting & initial design characteristics applied.
- Stone inclusions, polishing.
- Shipped to client.

Throughout the entire process, there will be customer approval of design prior to the next process beginning. 

We have the capacity to produce individual items or large scale productions based on your needs. 

Our portfolio of work consists of custom designs for:
- Corporate entities.
- Sporting clubs/competitions.
- Schools (Class of 2020)
- Individuals.

The scope of possibilities is only limited by the vision of our clients.